Something even more important than writing goals

What’s more important than goals and knowing where you’re going? What will be the main driver for you to achieving your goals? When the journey starts to get rough and hard and you feel like giving up, knowing that success lies at the end is still not enough to help you get to your goals. What fuels you? What motivates you through all the hardship is when you have a strong enough reason to endure it.

“If you have a strong and compelling reason why the how will follow.”

Your why is the one main reason you will put everything aside to achieving what you want. The bigger the reason, the more focused you’ll be in life, the more you’ll desire whatever it is in your life. If you’re putting aside your goals to do other stuff, it just means you didn’t create a strong enough reason to hitting your goals.


Here’s a funny example. Have you noticed when you’re busting to go to the toilet and there isn’t any that’s close by, tell me what happens? You’re primary focus is only getting to the toilet, you do whatever it takes, you start to ignore obstacles and even bump into people when you’re rushing for the loo. You see you had a strong compelling reason why you need to get to the toilet and in a hurry at that too. See how everything around you becomes insignificant during that period?

What I’m saying is if you’re being slack, putting your goals aside, procrastinating on what you need to do then you just don’t have a big enough WHY.

I’ll give my biggest tip next Thursday if you haven’t figured how to make your why big and strong enough to motivate you.


Action Plan

Write down 5 compelling reasons why for working towards your goals.






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