Can you change your perception?

I want to discuss how our perception of reality and the world are shaped by our beliefs and what we choose to see. This will be part of a series to help make us aware of our mindset and how we can turn the way we think into our advantage to lead us to live a more extraordinary and happier life.

Let’s say that everything that happens around us are called events and experiences. And how we view these events will all be shaped by our beliefs and values. From our belief systems we then filter in what we choose to see or think we saw. We then interpret and making meaning to this in a way that suit us and what we accept.

I’ll give you guys an example. Let’s imagine you’re on a blind date. Your date’s 15 minutes late and you attempt to call him or her. No answer. So tell me what’s running through your mind?

Some of you would think you’re being stood up.

Some would think, maybe they’re stuck in traffic.

Some might even think maybe the person got into an accident.

Few might think ‘maybe I told them the wrong date’.

There are lots of possibilities and outcomes. Whatever reasoning you came up with was based on your past events, or learnt experiences from others. We make judgement without knowing the proper circumstances. Anything could have been possible.

We choose what we want to see. Do you want to see it from your point of view? Or did you try to see it from their point of view? By changing your perspective, and looking at different angles and possibilities, you can change the way you feel about an event or an experience.

You can choose to see the good, or you can choose to see the bad.

Remember it’s not always about you especially when dealing with people. By changing the way I see things, by looking at the other person’s perspective I’ve come to learn to not make assumptions until I get the facts right. And even after the facts, I still get to choose how I see it, and have learnt to let go of many things. It’s free me from a lot of problems and negativity, it’s made me a happier person for sure.


Action Plan

When someone yells at you, think what made the person respond that way.


When someone doesn’t listen, ask did yourself did you explain it carefully?


When someone is annoyed at you, can you view it as maybe they just had a bad day?


What someone said or did might have no meaning whatsoever and you took it the wrong way. How often has this happen to us? Can change your perspective 180 degrees if what you perceive is negative and this will give you more empathy to those around you.

Let me know how this impacts your life.

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