1 Reason why you might be failing

Let’s say I was lucky enough to have written my goals down. I have written my plans, my targets, the strategies to get to success and then I take the action needed to move forward. Life seems perfect, and then 3 months go by and I’m back to square one and I’m unsure why.

You say I’m so focused and motivated, so what went wrong? And now thinking back maybe I haven’t executed the plan properly. The plan probably wasn’t detailed enough or maybe I had a crappy plan in general. Yes these are all part of the reason, but the real reason was I deviated and stopped following the plan that I initially wrote out.

There’s systems out there for nearly everything. Lots of people buy systems on whatever it is and yet still failed. They doubt the system, they don’t understand the system, but most of all, they never followed through completely with the system. We follow the plan, it goes wrong, we blame that the plan doesn’t work and we make up some reason that the plan doesn’t work for us.

Or we think we're smarter than the system and we seek different ways to beat it or work around it.

Let’s image building a wardrobe from IKEA. You open up the flat pack, see the step by step guide book and you start the building process. You think to yourself after step 6, it’s just a big wardrobe with a few drawers and that it’s quite easy and you know better. So you decide to forget the guide, and continue yourself. As you start hammering away, screwing things in, you get near the end and start to realise, there’s a few extra pieces more than necessary and you just can’t figure where they go. You check the guide and notice that it’s right after step 6 and that the items secure the front bits together but it’s tucked away and now you have to take the whole thing apart and redo it again from step 6.

If you have a system that’s been tested and have seen it works you just need to believe in the system. Understand that sometimes it doesn’t go exactly to how we planned it. No system is 100%. You have to go through a few failures and hiccups and upsets and losses before you see all the glory.

Skipping steps can be what causes the system to fail.

Trust your plan. Follow through with your plans. It could be what makes the difference between failure and success.

2 thoughts on “1 Reason why you might be failing

    • Michael Lai says:

      I understand how you feel, one of the things we’re taught and constantly reminded is to model someone, which is similar to a system. Modeling someone who’s been there, done it and instead of re-inventing the wheel, learn from the wheel that exists, improve it and make it your own.

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