Rewiring the brain from procrastinating to being focused

This blog will be in a different format like a coaching session where I’ll be asking lots of questions and giving reasons to why someone might procrastinate and shifting their perspective to one of focus.


Understand that most of the time you procrastinate it is because you want to. Common human behaviour is that we will lean towards what’s easy and comfortable and seek the path of least resistance. So you’re actually doing what you want to do. And that is to be lazy and to do whatever you’re doing right then.


You will then tell me “but I would like to be doing more work and be focused.” Well if you wanted to do it then you’ll do it straight instead of just wanting to do it, because there’s actually nothing stopping you from doing it at that moment in time, except whatever you’re saying or not saying inside that head of yours.


So instead of wanting to do whatever it is you want to do, just go and do it already.


Let the session begin.

How is procrastination a problem for you? It doesn’t allow me to achieve what I want to achieve.


What positive change would you like to happen? To be more focused and productive every day.


What are your beliefs of people who procrastinate? They are not motivated, they are not driven, they are not focused, they are lazy and they aren’t achievers.


So when you procrastinate, you’re all these things. So how does that make you feel? Not very pleasant inside.


For you to be more focused and productive, what would you need to believe? I’m focused, and hardworking, and motivated and driven.


What would happen in the future if you keep procrastinating? I won’t reach my goals and be rich.


So in order to reach your goals, you need to be more focused and productive. What are some methods that can help you stay focused and more productive? Set dedicated times in the day to do your main task. Have one or two tasks that you really need to complete before you’re allowed to do anything else.


Is there anything that can help prevent you from procrastinating? Watch less TV, less time on social media and less time email checking.


Is there anyone that can help you to focus more? My partner to ask me during the day if I’ve been working on my main task, and if not, explain why not to them.

Think of a time when you were productive and focused. What did you do that was different? I reminded myself that I needed to achieve this task and just forced myself to doing it the whole day.


What beliefs did you have then that can help you now? That I’m actually a very focused person when I put my mind to it.


What else can you do to help you keep focused? Set a reminder on my phone each day to remind me to keep on my task in case I’ve been slacking.


What have you learnt from today’s lesson? That procrastination is a choice.


How will things be different for the future? I know that if there’s a task that needs to be done, I will put time aside and just get on with completing the task before anything else.


So what new beliefs do you have now? That I’m a productive person and I’ve been making excuses all this time.


And finally, do you really want this change to occur? 100%.



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