7 Steps to Increasing Your Productivity

There are lots of other things a trader needs to do to become a better than just following the rules. One is making the most of your time to help you learn more and to help you become more productive, than just staring at the charts all day. Unless you’re a 1 minute time frame trader, you could make great use of your time while waiting for the next trade or when you’re away from the screen.

Here are 7 steps to increasing your productivity
        1. Set one major value task to do for the day. A task that if you couldn’t do any other tasks you would be satisfied with your results. This helps build momentum over time by doing it every day.
        1. Have a smaller to do list. So besides your main task, have another 2 or 3 tasks to complete for the day. Yes people think that having more on their to do list will make them more productive, but what happens though, is that most often we get overwhelmed at all the tasks we have to complete for the day. Most people end up putting it off and more often than not, you end up doing nothing at all.
        1. Now list of things you won’t do. Yes this is different to the usual, however most productivity goes out the window when we get sucked into pointless distracting activities. Like checking email constantly, checking facebook, scrolling through instagram, you’ll notice that we spend much more time than we intended to. By knowing what not to, if we start doing it automatically, we become consciously aware that we need to stop.
        1. Chunk up time in 30 minutes to 1 hour blackout blocks. I find 30 min blocks start off better and when you’re in the flow of things increase it to 1 hour blocks as necessary. Blackout blocking means to block off everything else, especially notifications and anything that can be distracting. It’s about building up momentum during that period of time. If you have to keep starting and stopping, it takes a lot effort and you’re wasting lots of energy for no reason at all.
        1. Now set aside some time and give yourself permission to procrastinate. The reason for human beings always wanting to play and not work is because of the inner child in all of us. So if we set time aside for our child to play, we won’t feel the need to play while we’re working. So set some time after our 1 hour block and give ourselves a chance to have 5 to 10 minutes of play time.
        1. During your blocks you need to concentrate on one single task. People think multitasking is more productive, but research has shown that it’s actually counterproductive as every time you switch tasks, you reset your focus and it takes time to get back into focus, more so than you realize. So one task and only one task during each block to keep the momentum continuing.

          “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney”

        1. Commit to doing the work and just start doing it. Sometimes people wait to be in the perfect mindset, or that things have to be in the right order and the right away before they start working. Just stop overthinking everything and just get on with the task at hand. Just do it.

Action Plan

Decide on 2 things to do right now that you’ve been putting off lately that would change the quality of your life.

Task 1. ___________________________

Task 2. ___________________________


P.S Stay tuned for the next post on how to figure why you procrastinate.


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