How to Successful write goals

I hope you wrote down your goals from our last homework session and that you haven’t put them aside to do later on. Quickly write them down if you haven’t done so already. We know that goals give us focus, something to look forward to and a direction on where we want to go.

What I’ve come to learn is that the more clear we are on our goals the higher the probability of reaching our goals. A good gauge on how to write goals I was taught was to write down S. M. A. R. T goals.

Are your goals S. M. A. R. T.?

Below is what S. M. A. R. T. stands for.

S for Specific. Say you wanted a tablet on your birthday. And you get given a new Samsung Tablet and you find yourself unhappy with it because you didn’t specify that you wanted the new Apple Air 2 with 128GB and Cellular data in gold color with a nice blue smart cover case to protect it with. The more clear you are with your goals, the more drive it will create to push you into getting exactly what it is that you desire.

M for Measurable goals. How would you know when you’ve achieve it or not if you have nothing to quantify it with. This also allows you to track and reflect on your progress and gives you an indication of how much closer you are towards your goals.

A for Action-based. Probably one of the most important aspects in writing your goals. Let’s refer back to the driving analogy from last week. Imagine you wanted to meet your friend at this new cafe that’s just opened up on the other side of the city. And as you’re driving along, the main highway is blocked off due to roadworks. And if that were the only way you knew how to get there, then we would never get to reach our destination. Did you write a plan B, plan C, plan D on different strategies on ways to attaining your goals. There are always different methods on getting there, having many different possible actions will give you more control especially if one method isn’t working out.

R for Realistic. Be honest with yourself. Are these goals you have set reasonably attainable at this current skill level you have. If they are beyond your commitment levels and seem a bit too hard to far away, you will lose your motivation and drive very quickly and you might even give up entirely when it starts getting tough.

T for Time. Research has shown that people who have put a deadline on when they it is that they want usually have a higher chance of success. When we are given a time frame we create pressure (which is a good thing) within ourselves to constantly work towards hitting our goals in the desired time.

The clearer the goal, the more excitement you will generate within yourself into working towards them.

"The more clarity that I have, the more I feel that my dreams are within reach, the more possible they become from being impossible."

Action Plan
Specific – what exactly it is that you want in detail

Measurable – how are you going to track your goals

Action-Based – List 3 strategies on achieving your goals

Realistic – Be real to yourself, can these goals be achieved
                    YES                 NO

Time – What’s the deadline you want to hit your goals

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