Why it’s really important to set goals

I bet you a lot of people you know out there, like your family, friends around you don’t have clear set goals. Or they might have written about them in the past and now have long forgotten about them, something I’m very guilty of too. And the first thing I ask myself when I’m starting this new journey is, what are my goals that I want to achieve?

So why is it so important to have goals in general? What goals do for us is that they give us a clear direction to whatever it is that we want to achieve. When you finally know what you want deep down, you mind starts to find out ways to help you work to attaining those goals. As it’s part of us, built into us, it’s human nature.

"Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals." - Aristole

Think of goals as a destination of where you want to go. It’s like would you hop into your car without knowing where your destination was? What you’ll be doing is just driving around, wasting fuel and getting lost until there’s no oil left in the tank. It’s funny that a lot of us think this is just stupid, however, most people go through life like this, just aimlessly working until we die with no real target or destination of where we wanted to get to.

Goals let us know where we want to go. I’m sure it’s true to say when we’re getting into the car that we know where we want to go. The how is the next big question, which we’ll look into on the next post.

The question for you now is, what are your goals? Where do you want to go or be or have in let’s say 1 months time, 1 years time or 5 years time from now.

Action Plan

My 1 month goals are _____________________

My 1 year goals are _______________________

My 5 years goals are ______________________

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