What is your story?

One of the biggest thing that seems like a recurring theme this week with my clients and with my mentors is the what’s your story excuse?
Can I be safe to say, when the going gets great, it’s all our fault, we did it all it’s our achievement. And then when things turn out crap and didn’t work in our favour, it’s usually never our fault, or we deny it’s our fault and we justify the reason why it was like that.
In human behavioural terms, we call this cognitive dissonance.
One way to look at this term is to look at the gap between where we currently are and where we think we should be.
And then we justify to ourselves why we are not where we are at.
And the aim is to close the gap in reality instead of our perceived version of reality.
It’s the story we tell ourselves so that we don’t feel the pain of the gap. Or why the gap doesn’t exist. Or why the gap is different for us. Or why we are unable to fulfill the gap. Or the gap is really small (when it’s actually so far away).
For us to get the results we want, sometimes it’s just about accepting that there is a gap, that there’s work that needs to be done.
And to let go of the stories we tell ourselves for our lack of results. For the things we blame and not take responsibility for.
At the end of the day, we all have choices.
And it’s because of the choices that we make or don’t make that will determine the course of our future which means our results.
So what excuse could we potentially be holding onto that we might need to let go of so that we start to work on creating the life we want to live.
One of the biggest thing I’ve been working on lately. And I trust it serves you in some way.

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